LiteGear LiteTile Plus Kit Rentals Now Available At Acey Decy

The term "large source" has been redefined by the Lite Gear LiteTile Plus product line up.  These ultra thin and lightweight, scalable and foldable led fixtures have unleashed a whole new set of possibilities in what we can do with a standard overhead frame.  Creating of a two-side fixture for 360 degress of light, rigging at angles, or hanging on a wall are just a few of the many ways to indulge your imagination. 

LiteGear's newest generation of Cinemitters  is now tunable from 2600K to 6200K, while pumping out light quality that tops 95+ CRI at both ends of the spectrum, a feat that not all products can claim.  The warmest warms, and cooler cools are at your fingertips.  

Each 2 x 8 unit puts out a staggering 20384 lumens at only 400W.  Scale up to an 8 x 8 and you are at a delightful 81,536 lumens at 1600W, and weighing only 30.4 lbs.  The 73,600 LEDs will feed your camera what it craves, high quality light and lots of it.  

Easy and familiar deployment is possible thanks to user friendly LiteDimmer+ which can fuel up to 400W worth of output.   Reliability is a non-issue with their proven track record.  Using the new PL7 connectors adds a new level of robustness our industry needs as gear gets put to a full time duty cycle.

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