System Design & Installation

Consultation & Design Of New Systems

Acey Decy Lighting is excited to offer consultation and design services for your  new stage or architectural lighting system.  Our expert sales team will consult with you to specify all of the various elements you need to activate your space.  We can provide dimming, relay switching, LED fixture packages, lighting networks, data distribution infrastructure, power distribution boxes and raceways, and lighting control stations and interfaces.  In addition, we are able to integrate with audio / video systems to provide a seamless and simplified experience across your entire venue.

Retrofit Options For Existing Systems

If you have an existing lighting system, upgrade and retrofit options may be the right solution.  We can provide you with any available upgrade and retrofit options for your existing lighting system in order to save cost on replacing your entire system as well as reduce down time. 

Design for Reliability

Customers with old systems have found that as time moves on, certain components reach end or life, and become non-serviceable.  It's important to stay ahead of obsolete components and plan out how to keep your lighting system reliable and serviceable.  Our experts can advise on what you need to keep your venue out of the dark.

Professional Installation and Commissioning 

Feel confident that your installation will be done the right way.  Our electricians and technicians are highly trained and factory authorized to install and commission your lighting equipment.  Our teams take pride in providing the cleanest install while showing you the courtesy you deserve and expect.

Enjoy Energy Savings

As energy costs rise, energy efficiency has become paramount. We leverage the industries most energy efficient LED lighting technology coupled with intelligent and responsive controls to maximize efficiency potential.   

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