LiteMat Spectrum Rentals Now Available At Acey Decy

Color is now at your finger tips with the new LiteMat Spectrum lineup.  Dubbed as one of the slimmest and lightest full color fixtures for the broadcast market, these units offer an LED array consisting of Red, Green, Blue, and Amber in junction with the famed Cinema Emitters which work harmoniously to create over 360 colors with 100 levels of adjustable saturation natively.  Full color reach to any color can be accessed from your lighting console as well when set to the RGB Spectrum Mode personality.  As an added bonus the Spectrum units are REC 709 color space compliant.

Color temperature reach is extended from 2000K to 11,000K making it possible to match any white point you could ever need.  Plus and minus green and magenta allows for elimination of any unwanted color cast.  Tint control has never been easier.  

The new OS2 operating system offers a ocean of useful features.  Nudge Control allows users to advance values in smaller increments for fine tuning of output.  Parameter Presets give you access to the most common settings, like color temperature, with the press of a single button.  Cue Playback allows you to setup and store looks as well as access them through either a toggle on off, momentary, or "and action" button press. 

Twenty Three DMX Modes extend capabilities even further.  Hybrid Plus modes allow you to be reverse compatible and match up the Spectrum units with any of the variable white Hybrid Plus units already on the market.  True Hybrid modes allow you to take advantage of the added reach of the LED array of the Spectrum units beyond that of the the Hybrid units (2000K-11,000K), and add tint color correction as well.    

Pixel control transforms the Spectrum fixture and allows for video effects to be run across the zoned LED array.  With clever separation of the white Cinemitters, a warmer or cooler layer can be added to better dial in the desired look on top of the effect and match color temps with other on set lighting.  Gradient mode gives you pixel like control, but at the local controls.  You won't need a rock star programmer, or a huge lighting console to get some pretty impressive gradient effects.   Selection of hues and saturation on each side of the unit, represented as Pixel A (left) and Pixel Z (right) in the menu,  lets you virtually have two fixtures in one with a seamless blend of different color outputs. 

Current Sense is a feature that allows for intelligent power management of while using battery sources, protecting the equipment and eliminating potential issues.   

DMX Transmit Mode saves precious time on set.  Use the control on one Spectrum unit and transmit DMX or CRMX wirelessly to other units. If that wasn't enough, Spectrum units bring RDM capabilities built in and allow the user to configure all of your settings using any RDM console or device.   


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