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Shape and create more light with the brightest 1×1 LED panel in its class, the powerful Astra 6X delivers over 1500 lux of quality light at 3m at any color temperature from 3200K to 5600K, producing enough light for you to design creative set lighting using light shaping tools or modifiers without compromising on light output. With greater light output you can use higher framerates on your camera to capture incredible slow-motion scenes, flood studio sets with a wash of consistently beautiful illumination or compete with the midday sun to show your talent in their best light.

Render skin tones perfectly with true to life color reproduction. With a CRI of 97 and TLCI of 98, Astra’s beautiful light output delivers outstanding color accuracy from 3200K to 5600K. And, with no color shift at any dimming level from 100-0% you can depend on Astra to deliver consistently reliable high-quality light all day.

Technical Specifications

Range 1x1 LED Panels 1x1 LED Panels
Color Temperature Bi-color Bi-color
Max Beam Angle 46 46
Comparative Output 200W HMI 100W Tungsten 200W HMI 100W Tungsten
CRI Daylight 97 97
CRI Tungsten 98 98
Width 45 cm 17.72 in
Height 41.3 cm 16.26 in
Depth 13.4 cm 5.28 in
Weight 3.2 kg 7.1 lb
Gel Filter Optional Accessory Optional Accessory
Max Power Draw 105W 105W
Optics Custom Lens Custom Lens
Remote Control Wireless DMX (LumenRadio) Module / Wired DMX Modules (RJ-45 and XLR5) / Bluetooth Module Wireless DMX (LumenRadio) Module / Wired DMX Modules (RJ-45 and XLR5) / Bluetooth Module
IP Rating IP20 IP20
Field Angle 70 70
Power Supply 13-24VDC 120-240VAC 13-24VDC 120-240VAC
Battery Option? Optional battery bracket (not included) Optional battery bracket (not included)
Wireless? Yes Yes
Mounting Method TVMP TVMP
Rear LCD Screen Optional Optional

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