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Kino Flow double is indispensable to cinematographers as an all-purpose fill source, and over the camera as an eye light. The featherweight 4ft. is often handheld. Turn the long narrow source like a wand and watch shadows disappear. The 2ft double is often dropped behind set pieces at the last minute to dress up a shot.

The 2-Lamp Fixture

  • Built-in Barndoors
  • Removable Lamp Harness, Reflector and Louver
  • Twist-on, locking Center Mount
  • True Match® daylight and tungsten lamps

Product Highlights

  • 2-Lamp remote fixture w/ built-in barndoors
  • Fixture includes Reflector, Louver, and removable Harness
  • Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps, plus visual effects color lamps
  • Mounts to stand, light enough to tape to wall
  • Removable center mount
  • Fixture or lamps w/ harness run up to 75 feet (24 meters) from ballast
  • High output, flicker-free ballasts
  • Universal input voltage from 100-240VAC can be used anywhere in the world
  • Instant-on, dead quiet
  • Individual lamp switching – no color shift
  • HO/Std switching
  • Low amperage draw at 1.3A/120VAC, 0.7A/230VAC
  • Same ballast runs 4ft and 2ft lamps
  • UL listed, CE approved

The High Output Ballast

  • Universal input 100VAC-240VAC
  • HO/Standard switching
  • Flicker-free, remote operation
  • Instant-on, dead quiet

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