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This Maverick LED Light Bi-Color Portable V-Lock Kit from Cineo utilizes Remote Phosphor Technology to allow users to very quickly switch between different color temperatures using separate panels while maintaining a good output and color accuracy. The kit includes the Maverick fixture, a V-Lock battery adapter, a yoke, 2300K and 5600K panels, a 120W AC adapter, an accessory bracket, and a stand adapter. It offers an excellent CRI of 98 at 3200K and 94 at 5600K along with a TLCI of 99 at 3200K and 97 at 5600K. Also, it has a good output at 10' of 205 lux / 19 fc at 3200K and 248 lux / 23 fc at 5600K. A wide coverage of 160° also allows users to light a whole scene.

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