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The ColorBlaze TR4 is an enhanced theatrical and rental LED batten with intelligent RGBW / RGBA light.

The ColorBlaze TR4 family extends the range and flexibility of the popular line of high-performance, touring and rental battens from Philips Color Kinetics, by providing four channel fixture options. These intelligent RGBW or RGBA fixtures offer an expanded palette of intensely saturated full-color light output in two different beam angles.

Expanded on-board controls feature a range of new functions, including multiple color control modes, 8- and 16-bit resolution, a configurable intensity channel, transition speeds, dimming curves, improved color consistency with Chromasync technology, and four built-in effects (Fixed Color, Color Wash, Chasing Rainbow, and Random Color). Channels of amber or neutral white LEDs seamlessly blend with channels of red, green, and blue LEDs to create lighting fixtures with enhanced color ranges. In addition to the millions of saturated colors achievable with standard RGB lighting fixtures, RGBW fixtures produce an extended range of subtle pastel colors, while RGBA fixtures create vibrant golds and intense yellows that are more difficult to obtain on standard RGB fixtures.

Connectorized cabling, a universal power input range, and direct line-voltage operation make ColorBlaze TR4 fixtures easy to install and operate.

  • Auto-switching power supply accepts power input of 110 – 240 VAC
  • Onboard push-button addressing offers easy configuration without external addressing tools
  • Fixtures can be connected in series of up to 1,000 ft (300 m) using any combination of RJ45, Ethercon, or XLR-5 data cables
  • Mounting brackets and locking knobs enable 180° rotation, adjustment, and locking without special tools
  • Onboard cooling fan and thermal sensor prevent overheating

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