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Why do so many people pick Express? Well, it's an Expression-line console with the easy, smart operational style that Expression users swear by. And it's an economical console that can do virtually everything -- professional lighting control and power within the reach of any budget. Its versatile combination of fader-familiar two-scene presets with sophisticated pushbutton programmability means it's accessible to anyone, especially those being initiated into the world of board operation. No learning curve here. Once you know Express, you're ready for Expression and Broadway-level lighting control.
Express uses Expression 3 software, giving your venue the moving light control and 16-bit resolution you'd only expect to find from a higher-end console.

And there are five different Express consoles to choose from - one to suit every venue's needs. Whether you're an academic institution, church, community theater, TV studio, or beyond - Express offers you total lighting-control value. Any Express console can be upgraded to part of an Emphasis Control System.

  • 1024 attributes, 240 channels
  • Custom patch, 144 manual control faders, 10 pages of 24 submasters and programmable effects.
  • 2 scene preset or 144 channel wide mode operation, 2 preprogrammable playback faders, bump buttons, spreadsheet editing and time code interface.
  • Has 2 DMX universes, a well laid out external monitor display and an ergonomically designed button layout.
  • Groups, macros, effects, focus points and basic moving light programming can all be achieved with this console.
  • Ships with one external 17" LCD monitor
  • (2) DMX Output Ports XLR5, (1) Ethernet connector, (1) VGA port, (1) ETC Link port, (1) DB 15 Remote Macro port, (1) printer port, Midi In and Out ports
  • Power Connector: Edison

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