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The Kino Flo ParaBeam 410 DMX Center Mount Kit (120V) is built around the 410 DMX: a directional softlight ideally suited for the demands of HD television for high quality color-correct lighting with minimal generated heat. Since the digital medium exposes any imperfection in camera talent, the quality of light is more critical than ever. Traditional hard light can exaggerate textural details, but soft light can subdue the textures and produce a more flattering image. The ParaBeam's soft output can be focused via louvers (grids) for a variety of set lighting needs, from illuminating a panel of four people across a news desk to isolating a single subject.

The ParaBeam 410 studio fixture produces about the same amount of light as a 2,000W tungsten light, but it only uses 1/10 as much power while offering lighting designers 100 - 5% dimming remotely or locally via DMX, as well as switchable (turning on/off two lamps at a time) output control.

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